Whole House Agriculture with Wayne Weiseman
Aug. 12 @ 8 PM EST

How can we harvest all the food groups that we typically eat from on a fifth of an acre and from foraging locally? How can we have a complete diet with a diverse and mineral-rich variety of foods?

The answer to these and other questions on self-sufficiency is what Wayne Weiseman, permaculture teacher, designer, consultant, and author will reveal on this webinar.


  • How small, intensive systems are what feed us. (The original idea behind permaculture is that small, intensive systems are doable at human scale.)
  • How not to be afraid to forage your food
  • What small changes you can make to be more self-sufficient
  • You may also start to question the importance of grains in your diet so be warned...

Wayne is the founder and director of The Permaculture Project LLC, a full-service, design, consulting, and educational business that promotes eco-agriculture, renewable energy resources and eco-construction methods. He is a former member of the board of Permaculture Institute North America (PINA), a national certifying organization for Permaculture designers and educators and was certified himself, by Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture. Wayne is a co-author of an authoritative book on integrated forest gardening and plant guilds called, "Integrated Forest Gardening: The Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems)

We are honored to have him present on our monthly educational webinar and hope you will join us for this one!

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