Permaculture Student K-12 Online

I want Permaculture Student K-12 Online!

A Permaculture Student K-12 Online Course par excellence!

permaculture student k-12 online

After reviewing and using this curriculum in my classroom work. (I teach permaculture gardening to my children and the students at the local Title 1 school.) I can truthfully tell you that this is no ordinary natural science course!

Matt does not water down the science and ecological concepts that are taught in a regular permaculture design course for adults.  What he does is he brings those same permaculture principles to young students and examine them from various angles.  For instance, the course includes:

  • food applications (cooking, harvesting, growing, seed-saving etc.)
  • business/career applications
  • hands-on design and analysis for your situation

The Permaculture Student K-12 Online Course is heavy on design and observation.  This is as it should be because permaculture is not merely a bunch of organic gardening methods.  It's a holistic approach to meaningful and abundant living.

And recently, Matt also added the e-version of his new book, "The Permaculture Student 2" to everyone who signs up to be a Permaculture Student!  If you click on the image below, you can buy the book as a stand-alone for $50.  But with the course, you receive the PDF for free!

Take note:  Your tuition already comes with the Permaculture Student K-12 Textbook and Workbook PDFs as well.  But this new Permaculture Student 2 book covers different climates and is a great reference for the adults teaching the course to young ones.

The thoughtful pedagogy behind  Permaculture Student K-12 Online is obvious in the course.  This was a work of love.  

The arrangement of the 12-week lessons makes so much sense. If by chance you choose not to follow the order, each lesson plan is so rich. It could be treated as a stand-alone lesson.

I believe it should be priced much higher than what we are offering it because even though it is differentiated for K-12 learners, they could just as well be taking the same course at the university level.

I want Permaculture Student K-12 Online!

What are you looking for in a permaculture student k-12 online curriculum?

Think for a moment about what the most important takeaway you want from permaculture to be.

I Is it resiliency or self-sufficiency?

Is it learning to love and care for the land?

Is it learning where our food comes from?

I can assure you that the Permaculture Student K-12 Online Course supplies that and more:

  • A comprehensive permaculture curriculum which incorporates Standards of Learning that are needed in this new economy
  • A science textbook to reference when you do the practical outdoor work of designing home and garden to be more aligned with natural living.  There are so many handy charts and memorable illustrations that help you deepen your learning.
  •  A permaculture mentor in Matt Powers himself who will guide and grade your work!
  • A private Facebook Group
  • Bonus and Supplementary Materials to Matt's wealth of research in the field of permaculture.  He has often said that he visits with so many different teachers of permaculture who don't realize the work/research that others are currently doing.  Well, Matt tries to bring them all together in this curriculum.
  • A Permaculture Student Certificate that you can be proud of!

Permaculture Student K-12 Online Author, Matt Powers & graduate

Permaculture Student K-12 Online Author, Matt Powers & graduate

Any Questions?

Here's a Facebook Live that we did on our Facebook page.   In the replay below I take

  • a deeper look into scope and depth of the Permaculture Student K-12 Online Course!
  • answer some FAQs that viewers asked!

I want Permaculture Student K-12 Online!

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  2. I’d like resiliency. I do care about learning to care for the land I love. Children and youth of today should learn where their food comes from. All in all, these points are all important to me.

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      So awesome “One of God’s!” Make sure to email us your address for your free packet of seeds!

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