Permaculture Journey

permaculture journey

Permaculture is a design system, based on observation that takes into account the whole picture.

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Not just a kidney shaped portion of your yard dedicated to growing flowers.

But your home,

You and your family,

Your pets (and your pests),

Your entire property

And even the community that you live in.

Best of all, permaculture aims to be a cyclical system.

One that keeps on regenerating and only get better. Doesn't run out.

Grows you an abundant harvest.

Pretty much how God intended nature to be.

Explore a Permaculture Principle!

(Coming in August 2020)

2. Observe & Interact
3. Catch & Store Energy
4. Obtain A Yield
5. Apply Self-Regulation & Feedback
6. Use & Value Renewables
7. Produce No Waste
8. Design From Patterns to Details
9. Integrate Don't Segregate
10. Use Small & Slow Soultions
11. Use & Value Diversity
12. Use Edges & Value the Marginal
1. Creatively Use & Respond to Change