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is where you will find a LOT of practical info on sustainable, organic and thoughtful gardening.  The Permaculture Garden and the Great Gardener, God teach us so much every time we sow and harvest.  We’ve tried to share this learning with our Permaculture Garden Blog Tribe throughout the years. We wish to transform your backyard into an organic food forest.  Luckily, with today’s technology and with a lot of heart we can all grow together!
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We can’t help it.  We are Permaculture Geeks and every year, we learn as much as we can about organic growing.  At conferences like the VA Biological Farmers Association, we meet continue to meet and learn from fellow organic farmers.  They are the best people in the world and some of them are so nice that they even co-host webinars for us.  Our educational webinars include topics such as Suburban Homesteading, Humane Gardening, Seed Saving and Going Zero-Waste.  These webinars are free to our Permaculture Garden Blog Tribe
If you have never been with us on one of our webinars, the best place to start is on our WEBINARS PAGE.


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Permaculture Garden Blog Challenges

Finally, our family likes to keep growing fun so we also have some planting challenges that we run once or twice a year.  They are also FREE and an amazing motivation to keep or start growing your own food!
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