How to Organize your Seeds

Here are two simple ways to organize and store the seeds that you purchase or harvest from your garden.

Method 1: The Seed Binder


Post it tabs or binder dividers
Baseball card protectors
Large binder
Sharpee / Pen

I quickly printed out an optional front page to make it look “official” for this post.

If you look closely, my seeds are divided into seasons and types.


Even if you don’t know what seed grows successfully during which season in your yard, you can look at the seed packets and try it out in one season.

Some seeds may be planted in both spring and fall, but are more successful in the fall. If you find this to be the case, it is easy to move your seeds to the tab which is their “better season” based on your growing experience.

I have entire pages dedicated to flowers and herbs. So I created a separate tab for those categories.

Method 2: Seeds in a Box


Coin Envelopes / Seed Packets

Some people use shoe boxes or index card boxes. I was lucky enough to receive an heirloom mahogany box from my mother-in-law.

We place seeds that we harvest from our garden in these sturdy coin envelopes from Amazon.

I try to label the seeds by variety and note the date of harvest on the upper right corner of the seed packet.

I’ve seen other friends store their seed packets in shoe boxes and sort them with labeled index card dividers too. What ways have you found to be helpful for organizing your seeds?

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  1. Those are awesome ideas! I really like the idea of the binder, as it seems like the most efficient. I currently have store-bought seed packets standing up in a berry basket in my garage, but I have a spare binder, so I think I will find some baseball card protectors and go for it!

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