How to Observe your Garden

How to Observe your Garden

Garden Design may first seem to be a massive project for which you need to carve out vast blocks of time. Why not just go for it and plant something in the ground? Some kind of garden is better than no garden at all?

But Garden Design is crucial to garden success. It puts the “lazy” into the phrase we often use around permaculture circles, “lazy gardening.” We need to allow nature to do the work for us. And the way that we do that is to design your garden first.

To avoid falling into the trap of not doing any garden design, it’s important to break Garden Design down into simple steps. Similarly, in order to tackle anything that seems daunting or big, you have to start with the very first baby step. One such baby step for Garden Design is to begin observing your garden.

Garden Design Starts with Observation

Every good garden design begins with knowing how to observe your garden.

Observation may not seem like something one needs to learn because it’s a universal skill. Anyone can and should be able to do it.

But how well you design depends on how often and deeply you observe. It’s a crucial part of the design process, as I will explain in the video below.

This video is a short introduction to one of the Modules on Garden Design inside our Grow-It-Yourself Program.

There is so much more to learn!  Tell us, what are your major takeaways from this video?

Some Relevant Links:

Finding God in the Garden – a webinar on the natural patterns one can observe in a garden and how those patterns reveal a divine order.

1-Minute Video on Nature Journaling by the Roger Tory Peterson Institute

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  1. You and your website are a treasure. Don’t you ever quit in your purpose of sharing
    your insight and love for true gardening. I’m ‘old’ and I had to leave my loved garden two years ago.
    How I miss my time in/with my garden! Solitude and contemplation were gates to an neverending chat with every blade
    in it. I have a little patch of partly shaded clay-gravel-dirt now. Where to start? But I’ll manage. Little by little. Step by step.
    You inspire me, you speak from your heart, and that is where I need to start.

    Mrs. M.

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