Wanna grow your food but not sure where to start?


is a garden mentoring program to help you grow abundantly!

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GIY is especially for you if...

You have little room to grow, but a HUGE desire to eat organic every day.

You are a busy mom who hardly has time to get dinner on the table.

You've been told (or you've told yourself) that you are a "black thumb." 

Because we will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way!

Why GIY?

The Freshest, Most Nutrient-Dense, Organic Produce on the Planet


Even if you buy all-organic,

100% of all Vitamin C is lost in veggies like spinach after refrigeration!

GIY enables you to source the most nutrient-dense produce from your own backyard!
This way, you really know what goes into your fruits and veggies.

Definitely NOT pesticides!

GIY allows you to grow heirloom varieties that are rare, more pest resistant and non-GMO

GIY introduces you to the world of heirloom varieties that are deliciously nuanced, rare, more pest resistant and non-GMO

How do we do this?

Through an online garden course that's step-by-step
and tailored to your specific growing situation.

giy course

Level 1: Start with Sprouting

In this introductory course we get you very comfortable with starting plants from seeds.

Sprouts are the simplest, most fun way to start growing & eating your own food.
Learn easy-peasy seed starting techniques
while incorporating power-packed greens into your diet.

Level 2: The Core Course

This intermediate level course covers all the basics of permaculture gardening and
brings you from seed starting to garden installation.
We cover:

giy design

This is a 10-day course on garden design.
It is simple, step-by-step and will take no more than 10-minutes/day of active garden work +
10 minutes/day of video material.

This 4-day module covers
how to select which annual plants and perennial support species to grow in your raised bed garden.

giy course2

Level 3: MasterClasseses in Permaculture

These Masterclasses in permaculture "dig deeper" into specific growing techniques such as:

  • Composting
  • Herb Gardens
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Seed Saving
  • Oganic Orcharding

Each Course comes with easy-to-follow video lessons
that demonstrate how you can implement permaculture at home using

  • cheap
  • simple and
  • low-tech solutions.

giy videos

Gardening is a necessity for well-being


In a world that is becoming increasingly online and hyper-stressed because of it,
we really need to get grounded and find the reasons for our being.
We believe the best place to do this is in the garden.

This is not an option for overwhelmed moms. We believe...
Gardening is a necessity.

If you feel like gardening is a chore for you, but are willing to do you just 15 minutes a day of "work," you'll be surprised at how quickly the rewards of calm, relaxation & increased focus get you hooked into wanting to do more backyard growing.

The best part is the community of of gardeners that we bring together all across the US, Canada and even Hong Kong!

giy forums

Our forums are private are NOT on Facebook. They are  a place to ask your garden questions (or help someone else out) in real time!

Our GIY growers are a positive, helpful, empowering force for good, for our health and the well-being of our planet!


Zoom Check-Ins

Consult with us online on the GIY garden mentoring calls...

This is the heart of what we do inside GIY because this is were you can show us your backyard, troubleshoot and zero-in on your next steps!

And get crystal clear on next month's garden goals!  Here's a sample of one GIY-ers' garden project where we mapped out her next steps to get her to achieve her specific goal.

An Investment that Pays You Back


If you were to hire a garden designer in America today, your cost could range anywhere from $1000 - $5000 depending on the size of your property.

But that designer, would:

  • likely not be well-versed in permaculture
  • leave you alone after the design was installed.

We're not like that.

Inside GIY you get all of this + more crazy ideas we come up throughout the year:

giy cost

For all of this...


Instead, if you do GIY, you not only save on groceries (Currently our family of 8 supplies 25% of our produce from our tiny backyard garden.)

You can potentially earn a living selling all your excess produce or preseves.  You can also save even more by giving them away as gifts.  Here are but a few examples of what you can earn by growing through the guided GIY program!

giy earnings

And this does not even take into account the harvest from the years to come from all the knowledge, experience and expertise you've gained through GIY!

One of GIY-ers remaked, "this was the best online investment I've ever made."

Gardening with Kids


Our kids are the reason that we started on our garden journey,
and it's the reason that we keep doing this Permaculture Gardens work.

Teaching children brings us back to the basics.
Back to our own past.
And into the future.

As we prepare the next generation for an unpredictable, changing world.
There is one constant that we can control:

what we teach them about what they eat and the nature that surrounds them.

Inside GIY we have (3) three simple garden templates designed for kid's gardens:

GIY supports the teaching of children in schools and in homes by educating you,
the educator.

Want to "dig deeper" into a specific garden topic? We likely have a webinar about it!

Here's what one webinar viewer had to say after an online workshop we held on the topic of timing your plants called, "The Planting Calendar":

Garden Webinar Workshops

"Good morning, Dave and Nicky.

I want to thank you for your last webinar. It was similar to the first webinar I ever saw of yours, about a year ago, with some nice changes and tweeks. (The segment on crop rotation I especially found helpful.) Not coincidentally, I've started work on the garden and have been quite busy since. I am taking your advice of not doing too much at once, however. Still, I've started seeds in my basement for tomatoes, basils, jalapeno peppers, and some herbs and flowers; prepped two raised beds and planted peas and sugar snap peas. This week, I plan to ready some more beds and plant the beets, carrots, turnips and swiss chard.

Thanks again, looking forward to your next webinar ."


giy webinars

Topics include:

  • Gardening on a Budget
  • The Planting Calendar
  • Herb Garden Webinar
  • Intro to Growing Mushrooms
  • Encouraging Natural Allies in the Garden
  • Growing Food & Keeping Your Neighbors Happy
  • Modern Gardening Solutions for Busy People
  • 5 Steps to A School Garden
  • 3 Simple Garden Plans
  • 7 Plant Layers
  • 10 Crucial Steps Most Organic Gardeners Forget About
  • Permaculture Guilds
  • Going Zero-Waste
  • God in the Garden
  • Composting 101

and so much more!!!

giy webinars

You can listen or view it at your leisure in your jammies!


Garden Printables

We have "Cultivation Booklets" that delve into specific plant families that urban gardeners love to grow, which you can print and reference for study.

And checklists!

giy checklist

All the printed stuff to make it easy for you to remember what to do next in the garden and when to do it!

Join Grow-It-Yourself!$399 Yearly

In a nutshell, here's what we help you do...

giy workflow

We hold your hand throughout this process

And supply the resources

to make your garden dream finally a reality!

We've won the "Most Innovative Brand Award" at the prestigious Green Festivals!