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What's in this Gardening Webinar?

This webinar is for you if:

  • you cannot wait for spring to come

  • have started your tomatoes and peppers, and they're getting leggy

  • are wondering what else you can direct sow in your kind of weather

  • are wondering when and how best to transplant the things that you've started from your pantry

Get ready to learn:

  • the most indispensable action item to prepare for the spring

It's so key, it actually spills over to other areas of your life.

A little bit more about this Gardening Webinar

Our webinars are fun, musical and educational! We'll be:

  • considering a few more pantry items to plant with zero $ and almost 0 effort,
  • troubleshooting our leggy plants
  • clarifying what can safely be direct sown in what temp
  • planning a spring harvest

The webinar above was originally intended for those who signed up for our recent...

Plant Your Pantry Challenge!

But it morphed into a workshop for anyone who is waiting for spring.

(You can still join the challenge until the webinar,

so sign-up for both by clicking on the link or photo above!)

Why we do gardening webinars

Permaculture gardening webinars are the best way that we've found to accelerate the  sustainable regenerative message in this day and age! What does regenerative mean?  It means not only creating a yield that exceeds the input we have invested in our system.  It means a system - a garden, that becomes self-perpetuating.  With some design, some analysis and lot of observation this can be a possibility for your organic backyard garden.

That is essentially what permaculture is. In the words of Bill Mollison himself (co-originator of the word, "permaculture") permaculture means permanent systems for persistent human existence. The time to act is now and we are here to teach you all that we know about permaculture through these gardening webinars.

So take advantage of our free webinars by registering for one today!

Topics include:

  • permaculture design
  • food forests
  • edible landscaping
  • encouraging natural garden allies
  • zero-waste living
  • composting

And so much more!

Register for "Keeping Your Plants Alive"Wed, Feb 19th, 8 PM EST

Gardening Webinar Testimonials

"Hi, Nicky and Dave.

I just finished watching a replay. It was terrific stuff, now I’m ready to get going in the garden.

Nice singing voice Nicky, by the way.

Also, did you mention seeds from Baker’s Creek? I just got my order from them earlier this week. Looking forward to your next webinar. Thanks,"


"I SO appreciate you 2 and the information I've been able to listen to

The guests you've had have been terrific!"