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What you will learn on this Gardening Webinar:

You have the power to take part in the fight against climate change, using your garden as a tool.

Your garden has an intelligence that you can support, as it pulls carbon from the air (where it contributes to climate change) and stores it in the soil and vegetation (important for growing good food).

This webinar is not going to tell you exactly how or what to do in your garden to fight climate change—because all gardens are beautifully unique—rather think of it a springboard, to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions in your garden so that it can be part of the climate solution.

climate victory garden webinar

"Your garden can be a springboard... it can be part of the climate solution."
Jes Walton, Green America

This Gardening Webinar is for you if you want to:

Gardening Webinars
  • Are worried about climate change and want to take tangible action (in your garden!)
  • Are a beginner gardener and looking for ways to grow food that support climate solutions
  • Are an experienced gardener looking to fine tune your existing skills to be more climate-conscious
  • Are curious about the mechanics of Climate Victory Gardening and the role gardens play in climate change and carbon cycles

Our presenter:

Jes Walton is the Food Campaigns Manager at Green America, where she works primarily on Climate Victory Gardening, a program that encourages people to garden for their health and the health of the planet—the topic of this webinar.

Jes lives in the high desert of the southwest, where she grew up watching her mother garden and keep chickens, and where today she gardens under sometimes tough situations. It’s dry, the seasons are short, the sun is intense, and the deer are formidable foes.

Climate Victory Garden

Empower yourself with the ability to fight climate change through gardening

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