Lasagna Gardening 101

lasagna gardening

Have you ever neglected a garden until the next growing season? Use lasagna gardening to turn a pile of overgrown weeds into fertile growing ground.


Growing Vertically to Boost Your Harvest

growing vertically

Space Saving Vegetable Garden Ideas Growing vertically is an effective way to use tight space to increase your harvest. There are many different ways of creating vertical solutions, but it’s important to remember why we are building them in the first place.  That way, we don’t build them only to realize that we put together the wrong type of trellis. …


High Yield Crops for Permaculture Gardens

One of the foundations of permaculture is the idea of obtaining yourself a yield. In the process of awakening our senses from “modern” society and reconnecting to the natural world around us, it makes sense that our gardening efforts provide real, tangible goods we can use. These could range from aromatic and medicinal herbs to vegetables and fruits for our …