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*$700 was the amount of produce grown and documented by famed "Edible Landscaping" author, Rosalind Creasy on this blog.

We propose that you can grow more than this amount.  Take into account the fact that you can grow many times throughout the year using the same plot of land.

This is one of the many "permaculture garden multipliers" you'll discover when you sign-up for our newsletter or webinars.

We can't wait to see how much you'll grow!

Nicky & Dave

Honored to be featured in...


"Nicky's backyard design is not only beautiful but maximizes space and uses permaculture principles that lead me to grow more veggies than I thought possible in my tiny space."

-Nicole F., Virginia

Permaculture Gardens in Kentucky

"Because of Nicky and Dave's sincere caring, tireless dedication, encouragement, and practical wisdom - sprinkled with a healthy dose of fun! -- We feel confident now that we CAN grow our own food."

- Emy F., New Jersey

"Without GIY our 208 square foot urban family "farm" would not be possible.  Their knowledge and passion have helped us avoid numerous rookie mistakes.  They are completely genuine and their attention to detail is unparalleled."

- Camille B., Virginia

Permaculture Gardens in Colorado