Here are some of the things we grow... and eat!

peas, carrots, mushrooms

We even have a banana tree growing on our window sill!

Onions and herbs hang above the kitchen sink.

Blueberries grow in a pot just outside our front door!

growing food in small spaces

Our secret to growing food in small spaces is called...

Permaculture is most known for transforming large agricultural lands.  But because the rules for working with nature not against it are universal, permaculture CAN help you grow your own food even if you have a tiny backyard, garden plot or live in an apartment.


At the end of the workshop, you will walk away with...

  • Tips to Maximize Yield

    and minimize your labor!

  • Why straw is one of the most important garden assets to have

    And it’s pretty cheap too

  • How small spaces can be the most productive gardens!

    Plus receive 3 garden designs that you can “plug and plant” straight away

And in case you haven't heard...

  • Embedded in the webinar is a “Name that Tune” game. And if you are first to guess the song, you win a packet of seeds from us!
  • Prepare your questions for the Q & A that follows.

These educational permaculture workshops are part of a series of webinars designed to help you “dig deeper” as you build your own organic garden.